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Chinese traditional dramas hit the big screen in Hongkong
By Stella on 2016-07-13

Adapted from Chinese traditional drama the Romance of western chamber and Kunqu Opera Jingyangzhong, The two films are about to hold their run in succession in Hongkong City Hall. It presents a substantial process of 3D film project of Shanghai Opera hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Propaganda Department and Shanghai Art Opera Center.  


The Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe 

(FROM chinese opera festival official website)

It is reported that Shanghai Opera Art Center is invited to attend the 7th Chinese Opera Festival hosted by Leisure and Cultural Services Department in Hongkong. Chinese Opera Festival is started in 2010 and now through 7 years it has developed with increasing influence. This years is the Year of the Monkey. The Festival will presents the series of the Monkey in the theme of Monkey Opera Art. Besides, various extended activities like lectures, exhibition and so on will; be hosted for the purpose of introducing the drama art from different aspects. The Chinese Opera Festival lasts from June 17 to 14 August. 

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