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The 10 Best Nightlife in Hangzhou
By admin on 2014-12-12

1.  West Lake ?
     Details:  West Lake, Hangzhou, China
The premier sightseeing destination in Hangzhou that includes ancient sites and cultural landmarks, West Lake also makes for prime night time entertainment as well. Its picturesque shoreline and vast waters provide the perfect destination for a leisurely boat ride by moonlight. It's an excellent spot to take someone special for a memorable evening. Boats of all shapes and sizes are available for hire all along the lake.

2. Absolute House ?

     Details:   Nanshan Rd, Hangzhou, China
                     Located along Hangzhou's famous nightlife strip, Absolute House is a nightclub that's a hangout for both expats and locals. The tunes include a heavy mix of hip-hop, trance, house and drum and base. Expert DJs and state-of-the-art sound systems keep the party going in fine style. 

3. Shamrock Irish Pub ?
     Details:   70 Zhongshan Zhong Lu, Hangzhou, China. Tel: +86 571 8702 8760

                     Located in Wushan Square, the Shamrock Irish Pub is set in a historic structure that dates to the Ming Dynasty, early 1900s. British beer and eats define this local favorite where guests can choose from a wide array of beers, wine, sprits and Guinness while enjoying live music nightly. Casual and fun, this bar takes guests from the Orient to the Emerald Isle in a matter of seconds. Locals, regular business travelers and guests alike frequent this quintessential British spot.

4. Chenghuang Teahouse ?

     Details:   3 Wushan Rd, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, China. Tel: +86 571 8791 0725

                      Housed on what's known as "Tea House Street," this charming tea house is one of over 700 located in the city. Its location provides guests with outstanding views of the scenic Wu Mountain and surrounding cityscape. You can select from a large variety of teas and sip your soothing selection in a relaxing environment that includes traditional Chinese music and tea ceremonies.

5.  Kana's Bar ?

     Details:   152 Nanshan Lu, Hangzhou, China. Tel: +86 571 8706 3228

                     Somewhat of a Nanshan icon, Kana's bar is owned by an ex-foreign student influential in the development of the city's nightlife. Kana's is an exciting mix of expats and locals, always a happening place with plenty of top shelf drinks and well-mixed cocktails. Reasonable rates and friendly service make this spot a must-stop. Both live bands and DJs keep the tunes rolling for appreciative crowds; an eclectic mix of rap, R&B, funk and hip-hop fills the house.

6.  Nanshan Road ?

     Details:   Hangzhou, China

                     If there's a name that's synonymous with nighttime entertainment in Hangzhou, it's definitely Nanshan Road. This strip of road houses a wide variety of the city's best clubs, pubs and bars offering all manner of entertainment, from live acts to expert DJs spinning the most popular music. You're sure to find a spot that suits your mood as you make your way along this happening length of real estate.

7.  Night & Day ?

     Details:  240 Nanshan Lu, Hangzhou, China. Tel: +86 571 8777 0275

                    Located along the famed Nashan Road, this popular club blends the best of Chinese culture with Latin culture, resulting in a trendy nightspot tailor-made for a lively crowd ready to dance well into the wee small hours of the night. The establishment features an upstairs balcony that provides magnificent views of the lovely West Lake. Live bands keep dancers moving to sultry salsa tunes, and bartenders mix drinks that compete for attention.

8.  Reggae Bar ?

     Details:   95 ShuGuang Lu, Hangzhou, China

                     Located very near Zhejiang University, a young college crowd fills this intimate bar that plays a happening mix of rock, rap and hip-hop music. Imported beers and eastern eats like pizza, burgers, fries and wings make foreigners feel at home. Skilled DJs ply their craft with a well-stocked shelf of tunes, and regulars greet newcomers with a laid-back friendliness.

9.  G Plus ?

     Details:   169 Qing Chun Lu, Hangzhou, China. Tel: +86 571 8721 5152  

                     Party central, G Plus caters to a trendy, beautiful crowd looking to mingle and have a good time. It's garnered a reputation as being one of the best nightclubs in town and slates top name DJs to fill the chair each night. Expert bartenders and top-of-the-line sound and light equipment round out the overall experience.    

10. Paradise Rock ?

       Details:    15 Hubin Rd, Hangzhou, China

                        A mix of tasty eats, low-priced drinks and lively music has made Paradise Rock one of the who's who in Hangzhou entertainment. Located on Hubin Road, this atmospheric night spot has a western feel and serves up tap and bottled beer alongside expertly mixed cocktails to the backdrop of live bands. This also happens to be a great spot for lonely foreigners to mingle with other foreigners.

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