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Grateful for Everything here about Admission

My name is Quetin Menyie Atangana and I am a first year medical student in Yangtez university. I am from Cameroon in Africa and I left my home to come further my studies here. At first I was a big scare when applying for such a prestigious institution for fear of being rejected, but with luck been on my side, I was granted admission. My school is located in JingZhou city, HuBei province. JingZhou is a very beautiful city. Ancient city wall in JingZhou will let you to feel the strong Chinese culture. When I arrived here in China, everything is strange for me, however the Chinese people are all kind and hospitable, I gradually adapt to this totally different environment. I love the university I study in and also love the teachers and my classmates here because they are all very essential and helpful in my studies. Without them, I would have many difficulties and I thank god for them.

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