Situated in eastern Liaoning Province, Fushun is one of China's largest cities. It is 45 km to Shenyang, the provincial capital, and has a population of 2,268,100, and an area of l0,816 sq km, including 675 sqkm of the city proper. It consists of four districts and three countiesunder its jurisdiction.
Natural Resources
Fushun City is rich in mineral resources, including 52 minerals such as coal, iron copper zinc, gold, kerogen shale and marble. There are more than 410 mines now operating or soon to be operating.

With its rich agricultural base and flourishing agriculture, forestry. animal husbandry and sideline production. Fushun is a fertile "land of fish, rice and forest." The total Farmland of the area has reached more than 80,000 hectares, forests over 60,000 ,and aquaculture, approximately 1,300.

Transportation and Communication
Fushun City has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 40 km from the Taoxian Airport in Shenyang, 200 km from Yingkou Harbor, and 400 km from Dalian Harbor, all accessible by expressys. The Shenyang-Jilin and Shenyang-Fushun railways are connected to the national railway network, making for convenient freight and passenger transport.

Fushun is an open city with three development zones, which have begun attracting a great amount of foreign business investment. Fushun has developed economic and trade relations with approximately 100 nations around the world.

Fushun is a famous tourist attraction in northeast China. Major scenic spots include: the Gaoershan Tower on the West Peak of Gaoershan Mountain in the northern part of the city, which was constructed in the Liao Dynasty.

University of Fushun:
Liaoning Shihua University


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