A well?known tourist city in southern Jiangsu Province, Wuxi has Taints Lake to the south, the Changing River to the north, and the Grand Canal flowing through the city proper. The city has a combination of the beauty of rivers, lakes, and springs and offers such tourist programs as for sightseeing, to learn the folk customs, to visit the historical sites, to recuperate, or participate in sports activities. There are Meiliang Lake, Lihu Lake, Xihui Park, Mashan Hill, the Taihu Lake Amusement Ground, and other tourist areas.
Plum Garden
It is on Hushan Hill in Wuxi,as immediate suburbs. Originally, it was a small peach garden of Xu Dianyi a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations of the Qing Dynasty. Trees and flowers are growing in the garden. Of which plum trees are the most treasured which make the garden an ideal place for people to admire plum flowers when the trees in bloom every year.
The Turtled,as Head Islet
Situated at the foot of Nandu , Hill by Taihu Lake, the islet surrounded by water on three sides looks like the head of a turtle, hence the In front of the islet, Taihu Lake extends to the horrizon and hills rise one highter than the other. "The Turtle,as Head Islet is the most enchanting scenery on Taints Lake." This is a line by Poet Guo Moruo in praise of the landscape. Scenic spots on the islet include the Changchun Bridge, a lighthouse, the Chenglan Hall, Feiyun Pavilion, the Guangfu Temple, Guangming Kiosk, the Wanlang Bridge, and Langyuan and Luding Hills.
Lying on the western shore of Taihu Lake in southern Jiangsu Province, Yixing has rolling hills, a vast expanse of bamboo groves, tea plantations, and many limestone caverns, of which four are open to tourists. It is known as one of the pottery centers in China. There are Shanjuan Cave, Master Zhang,as Cave, Lunggu Cave, Muli Cave, the Yuna Mountain Villa, the Su Dongpo Academy of Classical Learning, Dingshu Town, and other tourist spots.
University of Wuxi:


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