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Chengdu Neusoft University One belt one road scholarship
By shirly on 2018-04-08

Chengdu Neusoft University One belt one road scholarship



Tuition fee waiver + monthly allowance 800rmb/month (giving 10 months in one year)



1. This scholarship only gives to the students from “one belt one road” countries.

2. Age limitation: undergraduate students should be younger than 30 years old and Chinese language students should younger than 40 years old.

3. If students apply for English taught programs, should have good English. Students who apply for those Chinese majors, should have HSK4 certificate.


Undergraduate courses in English  (Sep intake)

Software Engineering


Digital Media Technology


Undergraduate Courses In Chinese (Sep intake)

Software Engineering

Digital Media Technology

Computer Science and Technology (Application System Development)

Information Management and Information System

Network Engineering





Product Modeling (Arts)

Information Security Technology

Computer Information Management

Logistic Management

Financial Information Management (ERP)

Marketing and Planning (IT)


Chinese language course (March& Sep intake)

One semester students: Free tuition fee scholarship

One year students: Tuition fee waiver + monthly allowance 400rmb/month (giving 10 months in one year)

Room Rate

RMB 400 per month ( two-bed room)


Application time and deadline

March intake: Jan 25th to Feb 28th

Sep intake: Apr 1st to May 31st


Tel: 0086-571-88165968

Mobile/Wechat: 15857187587


Skype: teachcn

QQ: 2853662504

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