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Study Chemical engineering in master for Free in Spring 2018
By Stella on 2018-01-05

Last days to get into Chemical engineering course in master for Free in Spring 2018 

1. Shaoxing University 

Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang province

Full Scholarships: Free accommodation & Free tuition + 500 rmb stipend per month ( excluding Ghana, Pakistan, Nigeria, Niger, Iraq, Afghanistan)

Master's degree

English taught courses :

Chemical engineering

Civil Engineering 

Chinese taught courses :

Business administration 

Chinese language and culture 

( requirements: if students who wanna study Business administration, but Chinese is not good, can study one semester Chinese first, also accommodation & tuition free + 500rmb stipend per month. Need students to have Chinese background, and after one semester can get HSK4. Students who already have HSK4 can be directly enrolled. The major: Chinese language and culture must be applied with students have HSK4 and above)



Physical examination form,

application form, 

Bachelor degree certificate, transcripts, 

two letters of recommendation from professors. 

2. Shaanxi University of Science & Technology

Location: Xi'an, Shaanxi

Free tuition & Free accommodation

Master programs(3 yrs): 

Materails, Chemical engineering, Electrical and mechanical engineering(every month 1000rmb stipend, each major 5 seats. and each major 10 seats for tuition and accommodation free without stipend)

Doctor programs(3-5yrs): 

Materails, Chemical engineering (every month 2000rmb stipend, each major 3 seats )

NOTE: No country limitation but all students need to provide noncriminal certificate, and other usual materials  for master and doctor. 

DEADLINE:  Jan 10th (ASAP!!! Seats are very limited!!!)

If students wanna transfer to this uni, must have previous school's transfer certificate and only students with X visa)

Excellent dormitry in SUST - FREE

If you wanna apply these good scholarships, pls contact:


Tel:0086 571 88165708

QQ: 2853662501


Wechat: StudyInChina1

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