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Popular Engineering Majors for March 2018 intake
By shirly on 2018-01-05

Engineering Majors for March 2018 intake


1. Shijiazhuang Tiedao university


Location: Shijiazhuang, Hebei province


Bachelor majors(English)

Electrical Engineering and Automation (Tuition fee: 17000rmb/year)

Civil Engineering  (Tuition fee: 17000rmb/year)

Mechatronic Engineering  (Tuition fee: 17000rmb/year)


Master Majors (English)

Electrical Engineering  3 years



Scholarship: half tuition fee waiver for the first year

Note: if come for march intake 2018, students can finish the bachelor degree with 3.5 years.

Students pay one semester tuition fee when they at school, the semester fee for 2017.09 don’t need to pay, but the course for one semester school will help to catch up during the 3.5 years.

From the second year scholarship: 5000rmb/year (the governmental scholarship)


2. Sanming university


Location: Sanming city, Fujian province

Bachelor Majors(English)

Mechanical Engineering & Automation

Chemical Engineering & Technology


Tuition fee: 15000rmb

Accommodation Fee:

Single room: ¥12000/year/room

Double room: ¥6000/year/room



Scholarship: free tuition fee for the first year

Scholarship from the second year

First-class scholarship: 100% of annual tuition, no more than 20% of the total number of graduates;

Second-class scholarship: 50% of the annual tuition fee, not exceeding 60% of the total number of graduates;

Third-class scholarship: 20% of the annual tuition fee, not more than 20% of the total number of graduates.


3. Liaocheng University


Bachelor majors (English taught)


Biological engineering 

Civil engineering

Software engineering

Electronic Information Engineering


Master majors (English taught)

Software engineering


Tuition fee:

Arts: 24000rmb/year

Science: 24800rmb/year


Accommodation fee: 8000rmb per year for double room



A. Tuition+accommodation free for first year, in the following years will depend on student’s performance and scores at school

B. Half tuition free for 4 years

C. From the second year, every year’s tuition half-free for 3 years


4. Xianyang Normal University

Location: Xianyang city, Shaanxi province
Spring March intake

Bachelor Majors (English taught):

1. software Engineering
2. Computer science and technology

Tuition Fee: 6000RMB/Year
(50% discount, the original tuition fee is 12000RMB/year)
Accommodation fee is 350rmb/month (double room)

Application fee 300rmb


If you wanna know more information about universities' scholarship, please contact:


Tel: 0086-571-88165968





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