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Hot bachelor programs of Spring and Fall 2018 intake in JLNU
By Stella on 2017-12-04

2018 Jilin Normal University spring, autumn enrollment introduction

Location : Siping City, Jilin province

Hot Bachelor programs:

1) International Chinese Language Education ( taught in Chinese)

Admission requirements: high school education, HSK3 level (Students with HSK below 3, can study one semester foundation course in university first, then in September can study major directly. )

● Foundation course fee: tuition 6,500 yuan

2) International Economics and Trade (taught in English)

Entry Requirements: High school diploma or above

3) Software Engineering (taught in English)

Entry Requirements: High school diploma or above

4) Hotel Management (English teaching)

Entry Requirements: High school diploma or above

5) language students (intensive classes): Spring and autumn each year two admissions

Costs in JLNU

1) registration fee: 450 yuan

2) language students (intensive classes) tuition: 9700 yuan 

3) Undergraduate tuition fees

Admission of academic students each year to provide 5,000 yuan scholarship, the normal tuition 18,000 yuan / year, after the scholarship of 5,000 to the school every year to pay 13,000 yuan tuition

4) accommodation fee

1) Chinese student apartments: 4000 yuan / year

2) International student apartments (hotel type): Single room 60 yuan / day, double room 40 yuan / day

 (Apartment facilities deposit 500 yuan, management fee 400 yuan / semester)

● International students will be charged for the semester and 50%

● Students choose their own apartment according to the situation

If you wanna apply this uni, pls contact :


Tel:0086 571 88165708

QQ: 2853662501


Wechat: StudyInChina1

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