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All Programs with Scholarship
By shirly on 2020-03-26

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province


1. Degree students: 5.31

First prize: 100% of tuition waiver

Second prize: 70% of tuition waiver

Third prize: 40% of tuition waiver

2. For master and doctor: 4.15


3. Nondegree Chinese language students:

First prize: 4000rmb

Second prize: 3000rmb

Third prize: 2000rmb

*School scholarship for degree students:

Type A for undergraduate students: 5000rmb/year

Type B for master students: 8000rmb/year

Type C for doctoral students: 10000rmb/year

Bachelor degree

International Business; 

Hospitality Management; 

*International Economics and Trade; 

*Economic Statistics; 


*Computer Science and Technology; 

*Electronic Business; 

*Logistics Management; 

*Communication Engineering; 


Business English

Master degree (2.5 years)

Science of Business administration; 


Tourism Management


*Financial Statistics, Rise Management and Insurance Actuarial; 

*International Trade; 

*Finance; Environmental Science and Engineering;  

*Information and  Communication Engineering; 

*Computer Science and  Technology;  

*Management Science and  Engineering ;  

*Logistics Engineering; 

Master of Laws (LLM); 

Administration  Management; 

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign  Languages;  

Master of Business Administration

Doctoral degree (3 years)

Science of Business Administration;


*Finance;Food Science;

Green Statistics and Environmental Assessment;

*Statistics & Big Data;

Circulation Economy and Management; 

*Natural Resources Statistics;

Sciences of Economics in Rule of Law; 

Natural Resources Statistics;  

*Financial Statistics,Risk Management and Insurance Actuarial; 

Market Regulation and Management; 

Marxism Legal Theory

Application Materials

Application fee: 400 CNY

a. Notarized highest education certificate and academic transcripts. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English;

b. TOEFL or IELTS or other English Learning Certificates;

c. Resume;

d. Two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors, in Chinese or English (master and doctor applicants required);

e. Photocopy of your passport and 2 photos, which size is as the same as in passport;

f. Foreigner Physical Examination Report (download);

g. Applicants who under the age of 18 should submit Letter of Authorization(download) and Guardian's Letter of Guarantee(download); guardian must be adult Chinese person or adult foreigners resided inChina;

h. Receipt of application fee of 400 RMB yuan.

(Results of admission will come out in one month generally.)

Application Period: from 1st March to 31th May


 If you want to apply, plz scan the QR.


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