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Shanghai University Welcomes New Students
By Stella on 2019-08-29

Shanghai University Welcomes New Students 


Now it's the jubilant start of the new school year, and Shanghai University are welcoming its freshmen. A total of 4,750 freshmen enrolled this year, including 2,533 male students and 2,217 female students. The freshmen who come from the farthest are students from Brazil who traveled more than 10,000 kilometers Freshmen are composed of 33 ethnic groups, including four sets of twins. The university has prepared many surprises for the new students. 


"Face Swiping" Enrollment, Comprehensive Service for Freshmen

In order to facilitate the rapid enrollment of 4750 new students, this year Shanghai University adopted the mode of centralized enrollment: "face swiping" enrollment, big screen rolling real-time update of registration status. The high-tech enrollment site, as well as accurate, efficient, safe and convenient enrollment procedures was welcomed by freshmen and their parents. Centralized enrollment is conducive to cultivating students' sense of independence and enhancing their sense of identity and belonging to Shanghai University. During the orientation process, the university has fully considered the problems that students and their parents may encounter while enrolling, so has set up volunteer sites, temporary rest areas for parents, drinking water points, medicine distribution points, campus shuttle buses and so on along the road, which greatly benefits freshmen's enrollment and leaves a good "first impression" for freshmen and their parents.


Worry-free Schooling, Facilitate Students Development

The service center of Shanghai University provides a system of "green, loan, attendance, assistance, subsidy and exemption" and an all-round guarantee of financial assistance for the 2019 class of undergraduate students with family financial difficulties. The message has been sent together with the admission notice, so that freshmen can get to know the comprehensive support system of Shanghai University at the first moment. The university recruited publicity ambassadors, who promoted financial aid policy in the summer vacation, and helped to interpret the national financial aid policy; the university also made new videos and made full use of the new network platform for publicity. Meanwhile an information system about students financial assistance was introduced online. It opened a high-speed Internet application verification channel for those with financial difficulties. It also designed an aid package scheme of students' funds, and can provide personalized assistance for new students while exploring their needs.


Volunteer Service, Welcome Freshmen with Love

45 freshmen volunteers from eight schools made volunteer service the starting point of their university lives. Their practical actions showed responsibility as students, and also marked the new season opening of Shanghai University.


As early as a month before the beginning of welcome, initiatives were launched on the Internet, QQ groups and Wechat. During the enrollment period, freshmen volunteers, together with senior students, provided other freshmen with help such as guidance for enrollment, campus introduction and answering questions, so as to help them better prepare for college life. At the same time, the concept of practicing public services and loving the school is integrated into the first class, in order to arouse students' consciousness and sense of social responsibility, and to enhance freshmen's sense of self-improvement and self-reliance. 

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