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Good scholarship in Shaoxing for master degree
By shirly on 2018-05-04

Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang province

Fall intake 2018

Full Scholarships: Free accommodation & Free tuition + 500 rmb stipend per month ( excluding Ghana, Pakistan, Nigeria, Niger, Iraq, Afghanistan)


Master's degree

English taught courses :

Chemical engineering

Chinese taught courses :

1. Mathematics,

2. Physics,

3. Biology,

4. Calligraphy,

5. Education,

6. International Chinese Education,

7. Textile Engineering and Arts,

8.  Clinical Medicine MBBS

9. Arts

10. Chemistry

11. Chinese Language and Literature

Notes: The chemistry is taught in English, and other majors are taught in Chinese. The first semester is Chinese language training. The scholarship policy is the same as the Spring intake.


Chinese language and culture

( requirements: if students who wanna study Business administration, but Chinese is not good, can study one semester Chinese first, also accommodation & tuition free + 500rmb stipend per month. Need students to have Chinese background, and after one semester can get HSK4. Students who already have HSK4 can be directly enrolled. The major: Chinese language and culture must be applied with students have HSK4 and above)



Physical examination form,

application form,

Bachelor degree certificate, transcripts,

two letters of recommendation from professors. 

If interests, please contact us.


Tel: 0086-571-88165968

Mobile/Wechat: 15857187587


Skype: teachcn

QQ: 2853662504

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