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1+4 Full scholarship in Nanjing
By shirly on 2018-05-04

1+4 Full scholarship in Nanjing 

Location: Nanjing

I. Scholarships are granted in the form of tuition discount during the one-year language study period so students recommended by NUFE partners just have to pay 11000CNY for tuition and accommodation.

II. Scholarships are granted annually in the form of tuition waiver or tuition discount during the undergraduate period if students meet all the requirements in the previous year: 

a) 1.pass all the courses in each semester with a final score of 65% or above (tuition waiver) ; 

     2.pass at least 8 courses in the previous year (50% tuition discount)

b) be truant from class for not more than 3 times each semester; 

c) have an HSK-4 score of 180 or above before entering undergraduate programs; 

d) obey the laws and regulations of both China and NUFE, and respect Chinese culture and social customs. 

If interests, please contact us.


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